COVID-19 Statement From Dr Alia

"The global Covid-19 pandemic has challenged each and every one of us. Keeping the concerns of my patients at the forefront of my care, I have decided to continue the option for video consultations. We are in a new world of medicine and remote consulting has proved a great adjunct to my practice. I have also recommenced face-to-face consultations and am delighted to be able to see my patients again in person. Please contact my admin team to book an appointment.” Dr Alia - The Psychodermatologist, September 2020
Click on the links below to read about how to care for your hands and how to stop touching your face to help stop spread of the virus.

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What We Do

As a fully GMC certified, UK trained Consultant Dermatologist, I am pleased to provide medical and surgical dermatology services for children and adults with skin, hair and nail conditions. Being dual trained in dermatology and psychology I have a special interest in Psychodermatology and also consult in this exciting new field.

Our Clients' Reviews

Dr Alia treated me over a course of 6 months with great results. She made me realise that stress was making my skin condition worse; something I did not realise.

B Foster

I have suffered from acne throughout my life. I actually get compliments about my skin now, which is reassuring.

R Butt

She has been especially helpful tweaking my skincare when needed, like when I’m stressed or run down. In my pregnancy she created a personal plan to suit my needs.

A Riley

Dr Alia on Radio U105

Dr Alia was recently invited on to Frank Mitchell's U105 show, to talk about the link between mind and skin including the effect of skin conditions on mental health, the impact of the global pandemic, and treating common problems like acne and eczema

Meet Dr Alia

Dr Alia Ahmed Dermatologist

Dr Alia Ahmed
The Psychodermatologist

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