COVID-19 Statement From Dr Alia

"The global Covid-19 pandemic is challenging us all daily. In light of the latest government advice and the response of healthcare providers, I will not be scheduling any face-to-face appointments at present. However, video consultations are still possible. Please contact my admin team with any questions and we will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible. I will otherwise keep you all updated through the website and social media’ Dr Alia - The Psychodermatologist, 4th April 2020."

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What We Do

As a fully GMC certified, UK trained Consultant Dermatologist, I am pleased to provide medical and surgical dermatology services for patients with skin, hair and nail conditions.

Dr Alia’s

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Answering your questions about all things related to skin, hair and nails.


Our Clients' Reviews

I thought the procedure went very well with no discomfort or pain, the sign of a good surgeon in my view, once again please convey my special thanks to Dr Alia Ahmed.


During these times of hustle and bustle where no-one seems to have time to take a breath, it was very nice to be treated with unhurried kindness, and with a professional outlook regarding my problem.


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Dr Alia Ahmed

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Dr Alia

Sees patients from all over the U.K. and the rest of the world. She is available for appointments in Berkshire and London, U.K.