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Dr Alia Ahmed psychodermatologist
I am a Consultant Dermatologist with a special interest in Psychodermatology (aka a ‘Psychodermatologist’). This means I see skin conditions not only from a medical perspective, but I also consider the psychological impact, especially the effect of stress on the skin. Did you know that 85% of dermatology patients feel the psychosocial aspects of their skin condition are a major component of their illness? I have found during my work in this area that having adequate treatment of your skin coupled with good psychological support has positive outcomes for people with skin conditions.

I am a huge supporter of skin positivity. I believe that your skin has its own voice, it just needs to be heard. There are so many inspirational ‘skinfluencers’ out there that I am learning from. I thank all these brave role models for sharing their skin stories and laying it bare in front of the world. Empowerment is the key to normalizing visible differences. I hope through my work I can add to this growing movement.

I want to use this platform to:
Empower people to accept and love their skin
Educate about skin conditions and the link between the mind and skin
Make the science behind the mind and skin connection more accessible
Most importantly I want to be able to answer YOUR questions about all things related to your skin and wellness

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