How To See A Psychodermatologist

The usual NHS pathway is to see your GP, who can then refer you to a general dermatologist (who can facilitate a psychodermatology referral) or directly to a psychodermatology clinic. You should try to tell your GP how you are feeling about having a skin condition and how it impacts your quality of life, this will help them to decide who to refer you to.

Don’t suffer in silence! Psychological health is as important as physical health. Tertiary psychodermatology clinics are available via the NHS, this means you can be seen without there being a limit on the geographical area, the only difficulty is that you may have to travel for your appointment. However, we do have more telephone consultations now due to the pandemic, and it is teaching us how to manage patients remotely. If viable, psychodermatology consultations are also available via the private sector.

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