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skin cancer specialist Heatherwood

Can I see a specialist for treatment in Heatherwood or Frimley Park?

In order to keep my patients’ issues at the center of my care, I’ve chosen to offer video consultations if they request them. Heatherwood Hospital is a public hospital in Ascot, Berkshire, run by the NHS. Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust is in charge of it, so now if you need a skin cancer specialist Heatherwood Hospital is where you can book in an appointment.

The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead , the Circle Reading Hospital in Reading and the London Skin and Hair Clinic in Holborn are where our clinics are based, which is where you will need to go for treatments. Please get in contact by submitting a form on my website.

What specialist skin cancer services are available?

Skin cancer is the most frequent cancer in the world, and the rates are continuing to climb. Skin tumors, unsurprisingly, account for a substantial amount of my practice. I manage simple and difficult skin malignancies as part of a multidisciplinary skin cancer team. The majority of skin malignancies respond well to s and benefit from early detection and treatment.

Redness or new swelling beyond the edge of moles can be signs of skin cancer. A color that extends from a spot’s edge into the skin around it. Itching, soreness, or tenderness in a specific place that persists or returns. Oozing, scaliness, bleeding, or the appearance of a lump or bump on the surface of the mole. You must go the hospital or see your local Dr if you notice any of these changes on your skin. Your Dr will be able to advise you of the next steps. If cancer is suspected, you’ll be required to go to hospital so they can perform the necessary tests on your skin. Cancer cells first emerge in the skin as flat spots with a rough, scaly, reddish, or brown surface. In sun-exposed locations, these aberrant cancer cells grow slowly. Squamous cell carcinoma, once it has spread and harmed good tissue and organs, can become life-threatening if not treated properly by a doctor.

I am qualified to do minor skin surgeries in children and adults for the diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions (including skin cancer) and other skin diseases on my patients. I am a trained dermatologist and work with skin cancers and other areas of dermatology in the London area. You can contact us for more information on our clinics in Wexham at Wexham Park hospital, Park Hospital Portsmouth and Frimley Park hospital. We offer skin cancer services such as skin cancer surgery at hospital.

Am I able to have a mole removed?

Moles, especially those that aren’t malignant, can be easily removed from your body with a small surgical surgery. This form of mole removal can be done without having to go to the hospital. You can have a mole or moles shaved off, burnt away, or surgically removed. There is a small chance of infection, although we find most adverse effects are minimal. You can contact one of our specialist clinics in Heatherwood and other clinics where we have a specialist on hand to help. We have a dedicated skin cancer clinic for patients requiring these services. To become a patient, please contact one of our clinics to speak with a specialist if your are worried you might have cancer of the skin due to moles. It is vitally important you go to a hospital if you believe you have cancer. The quicker cancer is caught improves the chances of recovery.

Does the Heatherwood clinic need referrals to see the Skin Cancer Specialist?

Many treatments can be booked without a referral from a doctor. You can make a booking to have a consultation or arrange a treatment at one of the clinics we operate from. We can make life easier by having a private face to face consultation via video call with us to discuss your problem and organise the best services moving forward.

Mr. Amit Pabari is committed to giving the best service possible to each of his patients.

He performs a wide range of surgical procedures, with a focus on aesthetic breast surgeries such breast uplift surgery. You can contact one of our clinics directly for more information and advice regarding dermatology in Heatherwood and Wexham Park.