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A person’s skin will be one of the immediate things you notice about them. Whether it is the visual appearance, from shaking their hand, or even from a kiss. Healthy, glowing skin is often taken for granted, but having a visible skin issue can easily affect your confidence. It is never a good idea to ignore a skin problem in the hope that it will disappear. A visit to your doctor or our private dermatologist clinic will give you reassurance and help to identify and treat any issues.

What can private dermatologists offer?

Private treatment is when a patient pays a dermatologist directly for their medical treatment, rather than receiving treatment from the state or National Health Service. A private procedure is more expensive but less painful and time consuming for you.

Surgical Arena is located in south London and employs an excellent team of private dermatologists. Their extensive skill set includes advanced training in medical, paediatric, and psychodermatology. Ailments such as rashes, excessive sweating, an inflammatory skin condition, a changing mole, or a birthmark, are professionally assessed before undergoing the appropriate treatment.

Private dermatologist practice

What skin treatments can our dermatology clinic provide?

Skin treatments are one of the main focuses of a dermatology clinic. Some of the most common dermatology treatments include acne treatment, anti-ageing treatments, and hair removal. Dermatology treatments can also be used to prevent skin cancer, treat melanoma, administer chemical peels, perform botox injections and protect sensitive skin.

Our team of private dermatology consultants have the experience to deal with an extensive range of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, and skin cancer. Appointments with a dermatologist can be organised in-house if you are in London, or via video conference if you live further away.

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For more information about the private dermatology treatments we offer, contact us today or visit our website. We can organise a consultation online or in-house. Our team of dermatologists have expertise in a variety of fields and will be happy to discuss and assess your condition.