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Acne Slough

What is crater acne? Will it go away?

Pockmarks are deep scars on the skin that rarely disappear on their own. Severe acne is the most common cause, however they can also be caused by skin infections or chickenpox. A variety of treatments and home remedies are available to help minimize the appearance of scars and improve the appearance and feel of the skin. Please don’t let anyone make light of your skin problem. Speak out and request to be seen by a professional. The severity of your skin issue isn’t always proportionate to how you feel; mild acne, for example, can be just as debilitating for some people as severe acne.

Acne scars don’t always fade away on their own. As the skin loses collagen, depressed acne scars become more apparent. Acne scars can, however, be less apparent with a range of therapies. After several months, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or redness may fade on its own.

What is pitted acne? Will they heal?

Atrophic scars, commonly known as deep pitted acne scars, are the outcome of severe acne. They usually form as a result of tissue loss during cell regeneration, which results in a pitted look of the skin. Acne scars are the result of a faulty healing process. New skin cells are produced as the body attempts to restore itself. A raised scar forms when the body generates too many. An indentation is left behind when the body creates too few skin cells.

Laser genesis, chemical peels, and micro needling can all help with PIH. Fractionated ablative laser, microneedling, subcision, and filler injections can help with ice-pick and boxcar scars. Acne scar treatment must be performed by doctors or trained specialists to reduce scarring and to put you on a suitable acne treatment programme. A cosmetic skin clinic adheres to the medical requirements to provide safe and effective treatments for all types of skin problems. From hair removal, facials to the reduction in scarring. We here at the Slough Clinic in the midlands can help you. Give us a call to book a consultation.

How long does it take for acne skin to heal using a cosmetic skin clinic?

Acne therapy takes time to take effect. Changing products every few days can aggravate your skin and lead to fresh breakouts. If a treatment is effective for you, you should see results in 4 to 6 weeks. Clearing can take two to three months, or perhaps longer depending on the skin condition and treatments required. A medical will be performed to ensure the right information is gathered and the perfect treatment plan if offered.

You can start your very own skin care treatments at home to help the process of healing. Create a good foundation by using a gentle acid face cleanser (to remove dead skin cells and clear out pores). Face washes with salicylic acid are excellent for acne-prone skin. These can be annoying at first, so start with a small amount. Antioxidant products can also protect skin from the damaging effects of pollutants and UV rays from the sun. To enhance hydration, wear sunscreen on a regular basis (particularly if you use facial acids/chemical exfoliants) and consider hyaluronic acid. Always remove your makeup thoroughly and use a topical retinoid before going to bed. Color-correcting creams and serums meant to diminish redness can be beneficial.

Do I need to go to a clinic to remove acne scars?

On the NHS, treatment choices for acne scars are limited, but it’s still a good idea to receive expert advice on the sort of scarring you have and which treatments have been proven to work for your type of skin. The most crucial thing is to treat any active acne, as this can lead to more scarring. Retinol/retinoid-containing creams or gels, as well as physical treatments such as microneedling, steroid injection, chemical acid application, lasers, or surgical excision of certain types of scars, are all alternatives for treating acne scars. Coping with scarring is critical, and researching ways or interventions to improve this is also beneficial. CBT-based therapies, for example, can aid in the treatment of negative beliefs related with acne or acne scars on your skin.

Do you offer acne scar treatment in Slough?

We can offer treatments at our clinic in Maidenhead for Slough residents. We also use treatment facilities in Holborn and The Red Circle Hospital. For those living in Slough, The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead is the closest location if you wish to book an appointment or consultation to have any scarring reduced. Here we can help with the removal of scarring from acne as well as the removal of moles, pimples and skin tags by our team of trained medical personnel. Laser hair removal treatments can also be offered if this is something of interest. 

You can view a list of treatments I offer and information on my website. If you require something that is not listed, please do not hesitate to get in touch or come by our shop. Prices vary depending upon the treatment provided and the clinic in which you visit. Our Maidenhead clinic is a couple of miles away from Slough and can easily be reached.

What other services do you offer?

As a fully GMC certified, UK trained Consultant Dermatologist, I am pleased to provide medical and surgical dermatology services for children and adults with skin, hair and nail conditions, both in Slough and around the south of London. Being dual trained in dermatology and psychology I have a special interest in Psychodermatology and also consult in this exciting new field. Alongside acne, I am able to help treat rosacea. Rosacea is a long-term disorder that has a significant psychological impact. Background redness (affecting the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin) is the most prevalent symptom of Rosacea, although some individuals also have spots/bumps in the center of the face. Acne treatment can give you a new leash on life and the confidence you deserve to live your daily life. For those concerned with a mole or two, we can offer the removal of any unwanted guest with our laser treatment. Fine wrinkles in the face can be reduced by laser. It can help improve your complexion and treat loss of skin tone if you have scars or sun damage. Excessive or sagging skin cannot be removed with a laser.

If you’d like to meet with me to talk about your hair loss treatments or laser hair removal treatments, I provide a specialised consultation that covers the following: A medical history review (including assessment of contributory conditions) and an expert hair and scalp inspection. A thorough examination of the elements that contribute to hair loss (e.g. stress, styling, diet, lifestyle, hormones). Appropriate investigations (e.g., blood testing, scalp biopsy) and a psychological health assessment are required. We can build a customised treatment plan for you, including oral medicines like finasteride, spironolactone, and minoxidil, as well as supplement recommendations. More than one course may be required to achieve satisfactory results. You are always welcome to come to our clinic and speak to a Dr regarding the right treatments for you skin and body. We aim to achieve the best results to ensure you are comfortable with the aesthetics of your body. We have a competitive price list for some of the best treatments available. Our treatments are designed to reduce scarring where possible and provide a full medical check of your skin to ensure there are no further problems that have gone unnoticed.