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I offer face-to-face consultations and am delighted to be able to see my patients in person again. Please contact the admin team via our contact page  for further information.

Keeping the concerns of my patients at the forefront of my care, I have decided to continue the option for video consultations if requested by patients. Please note I am not able to offer hair loss consultations online.

What to expect from a video consultation

I will conduct your consultation in the comfort of your own home from my office. My appointment times are 30 minutes for a general dermatology consultation and 60 minutes for a psychodermatology consultation. You will be asked to provide good quality photographs of your skin prior to the appointment and fill out a basic medical questionnaire. The video consultation will be conducted with the same principles of an in-person consultation. I will take a full history of your skin complaint and a supportive medical history, as well as asking questions about wellness and lifestyle where relevant. The physical examination will be replaced by your pictures, which will be studied closely by me.

If your skin requires treatment a prescription will be posted directly to you. You are then able to take it to a pharmacy. I will write a letter to you about our discussion and can share this with your GP if asked.

What do I need?

The consultation can be carried out via video through your mobile telephone/tablet/laptop/PC. If you do not have access to any of these or experience any difficulties, we can arrange telephone consultations if we have received adequate images of your skin complaint.

If you have any further questions please get in touch via our contact page.

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