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Dr. Alia Ahmed currently provides both in-person and e-consultations for a range of skin conditions and therapies.

Consultation pricing for self-funding patients (Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead; Circle Reading Hospital)

  • Dermatology (up to 30 mins, new and follow-up appointments) £250
  • Psychodermatology (up to 60 mins, new and follow-up appointments) £500
  • Hair loss consultation (up to 45mins) £350 – this extended consultation includes trichoscopy (specialist examination of hair and scalp), detailed analysis of contributory hair loss factors (e.g. diet, stress, lifestyle), personalised management plan

Minor procedures
Dr Alia is able to perform a number of dermatological procedures:

  • Cryotherapy of skin lesions, including warts
  • Skin biopsy
  • Removal of skin lesions/moles
  • Botox injections for excessive sweating
  • Steroid injections for scars and hair loss

Pricing for self-funding patients varies between locations, please contact us directly for a quote.

Please note, consultation costs are not inclusive of any procedures or tests that result as a consequence of the consultation. These charges are set separately. Consultation charges do not include the charge of any prescriptions. These will need to be paid for separately.

Dr. Alia provides in-person clinic consultations at the following clinics in Berkshire (prices may vary between locations):

The Bridge Clinic

Circle Reading Hospital

Additionally, Dr Alia also provides consultations in central London:

The London Skin And Hair Clinic

Dr Alia is registered as a provider with most major UK insurance companies. Contact Us for more details.

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